As most of you know, we are PREGNANT! 

Here are some of the fun facts:

  • Due Date: June 11th, 2018
  • Gender: Its a GIRL!
  • How am i feeling? At the moment i'm writing this, I am at 24 weeks, and so far so good! :)  The first trimester I was very lucky and had minimal morning sickness, and never felt tired. I am now midway through the second trimester, and am definitely feeling the '2nd trimester energy'.  I also equate that to still keeping up the morning workouts (but I definitely modify the workouts quite a bit). I also feel full quite often, I definitely cannot eat the same amount I used to in the past. I need to get better and eating smaller amounts more often. 
  • Any 'pregnancy cravings'? Hmm... nothing too crazy yet? I always love ice cream but that was the case prior to being pregnant. Whereas last night I saw Andrew snack on a banana... and then inhale some pickles right after. I swear sometimes he is the pregnant one. 
  • Any 'pregnancy aversions'?  Also, nothing at the moment?  During the first trimester I did NOT want our typical salad at night. All I seemed to want was soup, but that was also because I was always cold in our old apartment.