Traveler / Foodie / Crossfitter / Baker

I am a New Yorker living in Boston who is moving to Germany with her husband. 

After our lovely wedding on June 2014, we traveled to Rome, Athens, Santorini and Mykonos on our honeymoon. This was the first time we traveled to Europe together, and we were completely bitten by the travel bug. We wanted to experience everything about the cultures we visited... and I personally feel the best way to do this is to eat & drink the local flavors. 

Did I mention that in our normal day to day lives we go to crossfit every morning and usually eat strict paleo? (no gluten, no dairy, no processed foods) 

Well, after our 2 week honeymoon, we came home with gelato, pasta, bread, wine and more gelato in our stomachs. And the thoughts of travelling the world in our minds. 

Only a few months later, we are making our dream become a reality. We are moving to Germany! Our plans are to live and immerse ourselves in this brand new culture for a few years, travel as much as our wallets will allow and experience absolutely everything!

With this blog my hopes are to document our travels, our experiences, the foods we eat, as well as the new recipes we will create (as we cannot live off of the sausages & potatoes that seem to make its way into every German dish). 

Follow us on this amazing journey!