The Bee's Knees

I just wrote a post about how insanely hot Germany has gotten this summer, so when we're not cooling off in a pool or a lake, a nice cold drink will do!

You have no idea how much of a treat this is for us. Let me explain why. The below pictures are our fridge. You'd figure its both that big door and the one below? No, just the center one. And when you open that door, that's where you'll find our little tiny freezer inside. Just enough to shove in some frozen veggies and frozen strawberries for a smoothie. An ice cube tray? Ha! Nice try. We actually brought our ice cube trays from home and we can barely fit them in horizontally. And that would be all we could put in there.  

So when we want to "treat" ourselves, we buy a bag of ice (which we can only fit in the fridge so we must finish it that night), and make ourselves some fun drinks.  So last night, along with our amazing dinner of escargot, pan seared scallops and a seafood arrabbiata, we made "The Bees Knees". 

The Bees Knees:


4 Tablespoons of honey

1/4 cup of water

2 lemons

2 ounces of Hendricks Gin


Orange wedge + mint for garnish


First you must create the simple syrup with the honey. Boil the water and then combine with the 4 tablespoons of honey. Place in the fridge until its cool. Then combine the juice of 2 lemons, Gin, Ice and 2 ounces of your simple syrup and mix well. (or shake). Garnish with an orange wedge and a mint sprig.  You can add a bit of tonic water on top for a bit of bubbles.