SPAIN | Barcelona Day 1

Since when did it become JANUARY?? I just got back from spending the holidays with family and friends in New York & Boston. And I got a few comments that I haven't written on the blog in a while and they were right! Somehow between work and the holidays, those last few months seemed to fly by. So anyway... i'm back! 

At the end of the summer we went on a little Spanish holiday. First to Barcelona to visit some good friends, and then onto Mallorca for a beach getaway. It was actually our first time at the beach this entire year since the closest beach to Nuremberg is at least 7 hours away.

We were lucky enough to stay at our friends beautiful apartment in Barcelona, which made it really difficult to leave after only 3 days. On our first day in Barcelona, Lauren & JP were our amazing tour guides. We strolled through the streets while JP gave us some history lessons.

Then we walked down to the beach to get some drinks (you know, cause all of that walking is tiring!) Andrew and I kept saying "The food, the weather, the beach... why aren't we living HERE?!"

For dinner.. Lauren and JP took us to a Pinchos restaurant. Pinchos, or pintxo (which literally means "thorn" or "spike"), is a small snack that is traditionally found in Spain. They are similar to tapas, but the main difference is it that its usually "spiked" with a toothpick and attached to a small piece of bread. The waiter will walk by with a plate full of one type, he will explain what it is, and if you want to try it you grab it off of his plate. At the end of the night you pay per stick.

Andrew and I were clearly newbies ;) at this, and every time the guy walked by, we'd each grab one. Whereas Lauren and JP would share one... after Andrew and I had 9 sticks each, we were stuffed, but the waiter kept walking by with different delicious looking pinchos, so we kept stuffing them down. Lauren & JP clearly knew the secret. At the end of the night, there was somehow still room for creme brulee? 

The next two days in Barcelona, Andrew and I visited Park Guell, Mercado de La Boqueria, La Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo and ate some amazing food! See the next posts for some pictures..