Weekend in Amsterdam | Vondelpark, boating on the canals, brunches

DAY 2:



On our second day in Amsterdam, we decided to wake up bright and early and take advantage of the beautiful day. A coworker recommended a place for brunch - CT Coffee & Coconuts. So we decided we would make a morning of it - work up an appetite going for a run through Vondelpark and then stop for brunch on the way home.  (For day 1 in Amsterdam, see here).

The run ended up being just over 7km, and it was the perfect route - we got to hit up the touristy spots to take some pictures. And then we stopped for some burpees while we were in Vondelpark. (I was trying to earn our breakfast)

Then finally... our well deserved brunch at CT Coffee & Coconuts. This is STILL our #1 favorite brunch spot in Amsterdam. They have mastered the healthy-yet-delicious balance of breakfast. Andrew and I rarely order the same thing, so we can split each others meal. But this looked so good, we ordered two. 

2 Coconut Coffees (espresso + banana + coconut + coconut milk over ice) / and 2 of the Full CT Breakfast (scrambled egg avo, CT Granola, coconut pancakes & a side of fruit). WOW!

After the run & brunch, our day was just beginning. Like I wrote in the previous post, we were visiting Amsterdam the same weekend that our friend (who lived in AMS for several years) was moving back to the states. So her friends planned a "tourists in Amsterdam" weekend for her as a farewell. We were lucky enough to join in the action!



Now I don't exactly know the details of how this works, but one of the friends has a boat license (i believe?). Which meant we were able to take an awesome little white boat through the windy canals without a boat captain. (you can still rent a boat in AMS, but I believe it needs to be chartered).

We packed up all of the necessities for a summertime boat ride: red wine, white wine, rose, beers, cheese, bread, dried meats and more snacks that i cannot remember. Somehow, we managed to go through all of the wine? 

This ended up being my most favorite memory from Amsterdam. Friends, great weather, boating through the canals, wine and singing to music. The perfect day.


DAY 3: 


On our third day in Amsterdam there was just a bit of rain, so we thought the best way to spend a rainy day in AMS would be breakfast & the museum. 

I have read SO many great things about Bakers & Roasters from other travel bloggers so I knew we had to try it out ourselves. It is a tiny little place, so expect a bit of a wait. I think we waited about 30 minutes? 

We got the: Kiwi Brekkie (two fried eggs, bacon, sausage, breakfast potatoes, spinach & mushrooms) for 16euros and the Navajo Eggs (pulled BBQ pork, avocado, mango salsa & chipolte cream served with two poached eggs & toast) for 15.5euros

If you're in Amsterdam, we highly recommend stopping by Bakers & Roasters. (But I must admit..  CT Coffee & Coconuts was still our favorite).

After breakfast we headed over to the Van Gogh Museum. This was one of those situations where we didn't plan ahead and buy tickets, so when we got to the museum we had to wait outside in a long line in the rain.

So naturally I did what anyone with an iPhone would do... while we were waiting in line I googled 'Van Gogh Museum' and in less than 2 minutes I bought tickets on my phone and we were walking directly into the museum. 

The museum was great and a perfect way to spend a rainy day. 


Our last night in Amsterdam also happened to be our 2nd wedding anniversary. (aww...) So we wanted to go to a fun & delicious place for dinner. Our colleague told us about Bo Cinq, which also happened to be 1 canal over from our airbnb. 

Great & fresh seafood is practically non existent in Nuremberg, Germany (where are they getting the seafood from? AND Germany loves to cover a great piece of salmon with a creamy white sauce). 

So.. this is why we got a huge & amazing (and expensive) platter of seafood!! 

So that is the end of our wonderful little stop-over trip in Amsterdam. The next morning we were on a flight to New York for my sisters wedding!!