An Alpine Cheese Festival in Switzerland!


Our second day in Switzerland somehow magically fell on the same exact day as an Alpine Cheese Festival (Alpkäsefest) on the top of the Grosse Scheidegg mountain in the middle of Switzerland. It was surrounded by blue skies and lazy cows grazing the hilly green grass. My dreams were literally coming true.

First - let me quickly stop and point out the obvious - I am very far behind on my blog posts. For some reason, ahem Charlotte , I haven’t found the time to actually sit down and gather my thoughts to write a post.

So I am now going back in time to September 2018 when Andrew, myself and 2.5 month old Charlotte took a 4 week road trip down to Italy from Germany.

Although I am an obsessive travel researcher, I honestly had no idea there was a Cheese Festival only 30 minutes from our hotel in Switzerland! After getting some “directions” from the woman who owned the hotel (when I say ‘directions’, I mean half of them were correct). We packed up Charlottes diaper bag, brought the stroller (which we never used btw), strapped Charlotte to me with the ergo carrier and made our way down to the bus stop hoping we were waiting at the right one.

It was a crazy, windy, and steep ride up the mountain. The road to the top of the mountain was so windy that every time we would approach a corner where we would turn, the bus would play a funny sounding horn song to alert the bus coming in the other direction.

We made it to the top and were rewarded with the most unbelievable view.

“This is Switzerland” I thought to myself.


We took some time strolling through the mountain side. (aka, I was trying to get as close to the cows as possible while still at a safe distance since I had Charlotte strapped to me). They all had little cow bells on them, and it made the most peaceful chime that I will forever remember.


The Alpine Cheese Festival on top of the Grosse Scheidegg Mountain in Switzerland

We didn’t want to leave this perfect little spot, but the cheese festival was calling our name.

There were different wooden huts each with their own specialty cheese. And when you looked inside the wooden huts, you’d find they were stacked high with delicious CHEESE!!


You could either walk around doing a taste test of each flavor of cheese (which we did - how could we NOT?), or you could go up and get yourself a whole slab of cheese for later! They also had beer, wine and tasty little cakes (which we enjoyed with the most beautiful view).


This Alpine Cheese Festival on the top of Grosse Scheidegg in Grindewald, Switzerland will forever hold a special place in my heart. It was such a perfect way to start our road trip down to Italy with Charlotte when she was only 2.5 months old. Oh, oops!! CHARLOTTE! How could I not post any adorable pictures of Charlotte? Geez, I start writing about a Cheese Festival and I completely forget about my daughter.

Honestly she was strapped to me with the Ergo Carrier 98% of the time, but here are some adorable pictures of her while we were changing her diaper. Oh and a quick little video at the end where she makes a sleepy appearance.