Czech Yourself! (a weekend in Prague)

Ok, I am writing a VERY long overdue post about Prague. You may look at the pictures and think... "Did Andrew grow his beard back??" "Is it so cold in Europe that they're wearing winter coats in August??"  No.. its just taken me almost 4 months to finally write this one. 

Andrew and I traveled to Prague in the middle of April this past year. This was one of those "Andrew needs to be in Prague for work on Sunday, so we should take advantage" trips.  Prague is only a 3 hour drive from Nuremberg, so it was a quick and easy 'friday after work' drives to get us there in time for a late dinner in the new city.  And naturally whats the first thing we do? Get beers... we're so German already!

The next morning we woke up bright and early and took a walk down to the local Food Market. (you know.. my favorite part of any city). We tried out some interesting dishes .. some chicken dish and then another pasta and sausage dish.  It reminds me of Germany with the very heavy meals. 

Then we started making our way over to the Prague Castle. We first walked along the main river that runs directly through the city (the Vltava). It was quite cold the day we were walking around, but on a nice day ... you can take these awesome looking paddle boats around the river.  (some looked like swans, others like convertible cars).

To get up to the Prague Castle you first have to walk over this beautiful gothic bridge, and then up some gorgeous little windy streets. 

Its funny, everywhere we went... these tour groups on segways would zoom past us.  And we'd think "pssh.. who would EVER do one of those?!".

Me.. I have, in this exact city.  The Fall of 2005, I studied abroad in Florence and my girlfriends and I came to Prague during one of our trips.  It was actually REALLY fun, and a quick way to get to know the city. 

Anywayyy... enough with the blast from the past pictures! As we're walking through the streets of Prague, we would continuously get this amazing smell of cinnamon and bread... and we kept seeing these stands with dough wrapped around a cylinder that was turning. I knew we had to try one! Turns out they're called a "Trdelnik" which I just kept saying "I want a Turtleneck!". They have quite an interesting history, read here. And they sure are delicious!

You're probably thinking "how many pictures does she HAVE of this thing?".. the answer is a lot. AND a video of course :)

After filling up again on tasty Prague treats, we finally made it up to the Prague Castle. There was a GORGEOUS church at the top as well. 

On the way down we stopped by another cute little food festival. Unfortunately we were already quite full, so we stopped for a quick beer to enjoy the scenery. 

For dinner we found a wonderful little French restaurant. Oh! I haven't explained why Prague is one of my favorite cities yet... its because its so CHEAP! The Czech Republic is still on the Czech Koruna vs the Euro, which makes everything quite inexpensive! After dinner we went to what i'd consider to be my favorite bar in all of Europe, The Hemingway Bar. (it was so great I had to write a separate post about it!).

The next morning we got up, took a nice little walk through the center of Prague and then got brunch on the main square.  We should have known better that any time you eat at a restaurant that is on one of the main squares of the city, it will always be much more expensive for absolutely no reason. Anyway... i think this brunch was more expensive than our french dinner the night before. 

Also note, that delicious looking ice cream float? That is what most of Europe calls an "Iced Coffee" Beware if you're expecting some coffee with ice cubes... make sure you specifically ask for that!

The weather turned out to be PERFECT on the day we left, which was unfortunate because we left somewhat early to get home. Oh well! I'm sure we'll be back again soon since its so close!