PRAGUE | The Hemingway Bar

Before traveling to any city, Andrew and I like to research the 'best of' for restaurants, bars, food markets, etc. And The Hemingway Bar came up as the best bar in Prague... so we had to try it!

We got to the small door, and noticed there was a line of about 8 people outside. Andrew and I stood there thinking "well this will probably move really fast". But after 20 minutes went by and no one went in, Andrew took a peek through the window and noticed that the bar was empty! No one standing around the  bar, there was plenty of room! We tried talking to the Host at the door and he just kept saying "no, you must wait". Hmm.. ok, we will not be pushy Americans.  As we were waiting in line we actually made friends with the group in front of us, we were watching them pass the time playing "Heads Up" (if you haven't heard of this, download it onto your iphone its hilarious!) and we found ourselves jumping into their game. 

After about 45 minutes went by, we were finally being let in. It looked like an old small home in the 1920s, different rooms with couches everywhere, dark lighting and very relaxed. They brought us up to the second floor and we got two seats at the bar. The bartender at this bar was AMAZING. (he's actually won several awards for bartending). The type of drinks on the menu were totally up our alley, so we just started pointing and he'd make. After a while, he'd ask "ok.. what did you like about that one?", we'd tell him and then he'd make some new concoction just for us... explaining what he was doing as he'd make it.

Now we understood why this place didn't allow people to stand at the bar, it would have totally ruined the atmosphere having people talk and grab for drinks over us, and this way it allowed us to have the bartenders full attention.  Here's a quick snapshot of him in action. 

So if you ever go to Prague, you must try the Hemingway Bar! Expect that there will be a wait at the door and it is worth it. And if you can... request to be seated AT the bar because it was such a great experience!