SPAIN | Mallorca: Exploring the Island

We arrived in Mallorca on a late Monday night after spending the weekend in Barcelona. Prior to the trip I did some researching to get an idea of how we should spend our days.  The island is quite big, on the west coast you will find the Tramuntana Mountain Ridge along the water and on the right side more calm beaches and coves.

We wanted to take advantage of every aspect of this island, so we took the recommendation of some bloggers and rented a car for the week. (which was VERY inexpensive!). We also got our accommodation through AirBnB which helped keep the costs down. The apartment was in the town Cala D'or (on the east side of the island), it ended up being quite a touristy town so we wouldn't stay there again, but the beach was gorgeous. Our apartment had an amazing view of a little cove, and we were able to fall asleep listening to the waves.  We also had breakfast every morning on our balcony looking at the cove, not a bad start to each day!

Half of the fun (or sometimes stress) is driving on the windy roads of Mallorca. There are sharp turns, and speedy little cars coming your way... thank goodness for Andrews awesome driving skills I was able to enjoy the views out of my window. 


The beaches in Mallorca are unbelievable. Warm water and beautiful scenery. There are usually beds and umbrellas  at each beach, but you do have to pay to rent them. So Andrew and I would usually just throw our towels on the sand since we spent most of our time in the water anyway. Also, another thing to note, most beaches here are nude beaches, so don't be alarmed when you are walking behind a man wearing nothing but a backpack!

The first beach we went to was "Es Trenc" on the south side of Mallorca. After a long day a the beach we took a walk along the water to find S'Embat, a bar recommended by a friend which had a great relaxed feel with live music at night.

We also spent another day driving up north of Mallorca to Cala Agulla. Another gorgeous beach with warm water. We snacked on some Galician style Octopus for lunch (Grilled octopus over sliced potatoes with olive oil and paprika). This ended up being one of our favorite foods from Mallorca. On the drive home there was the most beautiful sunset.