SPAIN | Mallorca: Serra de Tramuntana

When Andrew and I travel, we try to have equal amounts of activities/exploring vs relaxing on the beach. I read a lot about the Tramuntana mountains before coming on the trip so I knew we had to visit it! 

But maybe I didn't research enough, because I probably should have found the exact trail we wanted to hike before we went. I had no idea there were so many possible trails to hike! We ended up going into a store that hosts trail walks, and bought one of their trail books. We also took plenty of pictures of the map, we thought 'we can figure this out!'

On the start of our hike was our first encounter with an animal on the trail, some donkeys! Also, if you're wondering, those little ladders we're climbing in the pic, those were everywhere around the trail. Its so people can get over the fences, but the animals cant. 

The actual trail was pretty flat. But we were just amazed by the amount of animals that were roaming the mountain. 

We made it to the top of the trail, and it was a beautiful view. 

On the way back down we encountered even more animals on the trail.  And despite the thunder and dark clouds, thankfully it never rained on us.