Rainy day explorations | Coffee & Restaurants in Old Phuket Town, Thailand

After wandering through the most unbelievable temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia... how do we top that?! Well, next on our trip was three nights in Phuket, Thailand. I know, Phuket is SUCH a tourist holiday... but it was an easy stop over on our way to the Phi Phi Islands. 

Our second day in Phuket was a rainy one.  Going to the beach was out of the question, so whats the next best thing to do? Wander through the 'Old Town'. Phuket was much larger than I expected, and was about a 45 minute cab ride from our hotel.  Old Phuket Town is the historical town known for its Sino-Portuguese colorful buildings on both sides of the street. The main street with all the action is Thalang Road. 


We started our day getting some coffees at Bookhemian.  Andrew went for a double espresso (boring!) and I tried the Shakerato... and WOW i was not disappointed! A Shakerato is a ristretto with orange peel, and it was delicious!

When we strolled back through the coffee house trying to find the bathroom, we found this amazing little hipster seating area / artists studio. 

If you go there, check out their sign in book! Maybe you'll see the artistic drawings by Andrew and myself. I know, I know... why haven't we quit our jobs to become artists yet?

Tu - Kab - Khao

Next on our rainy day food/drink tour was a place that I found through researching blogs prior to our trip.  Tu-Kab-Khao. It is on the street parallel to the main street, Phang Na Road. 

We started our lunch with a "superfood smoothie" which was perfectly refreshing after being in the hot & humid weather all day. Then we ordered a seafood curry and pad thai (Andrew declared this was the best pad thai he's ever had). 

If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend that you try Tu Kab Khao for lunch or dinner. (or drinks, like Andrew and I did later that night).

After lunch we took some time strolling up and down the streets of Old Town Phuket.  


Next up on our "keep ourselves busy in the rain" tour of Phukets old town, we wandered into Eleven Two and Co. You'll recognize it by the brightly colored facade.  

This coffee shop/restaurant is known to have some amazing desserts where they fill these puffy looking crepes with all sorts of deliciousness. But since we just came from filling ourselves at Tu Kab Khao we just went with some refreshments. 

Andrew went for an Iced Honey Lemon Ginger and I went with an Iced Matcha Tea Latte (with coconut milk). SO good!

At this point, we had talked to some locals and found out that later on that night was their weekly food market. YES! Local food markets are my favorite thing to experience while traveling. Knowing that we had to kill a few more hours before the food market started- we found a great people watching seat facing the street, got another round of drinks, and read some of the magazines they had at the restaurant.

The funny thing is, one of the magazines we read had an article on San Sebastian restaurants. We knew we wanted to make a trip there, but at the time it wasn't planned. But just incase, we took a picture of the article. So when we finally went to San Sebastian in August, we pulled that picture up on our phone. It turns out the restaurant, La Cuchara de San Telmo was one of the best meals we had! Researching future holidays while we're on our 2 week holiday. We're pretty lucky, I know.

So if you're in Phuket, and the weather report says rain all day... don't be discouraged! There is plenty to do and see in the Phuket Old town. And who knows, maybe you'll find an amazing new restaurant that you'll try on your next big trip.