Our 1st Year in Germany - Favorites from around the World

Only one year after packing up our lives in Boston, US to move to Nuremberg, Germany we have checked quite a bit off of our bucket list so far. Now if anyone knows us, they know that we LOVE trying new foods, new restaurants, new drinks, new food markets... can you see a trend here? So I thought the next best "Year in Review" post should be all about our favorite restaurants, bars and food markets. (this is just our Top 3 of each, although we have found many other favorites)

This past year we have traveled to some amazing locations together, and with that, we have tried some amazing foods that we've never had before. But you will start to see a trend... Andrew is drawn to anything & everything Spain, whereas I am usually torn between Spain & France.  Unfortunately, you will not find any German food on our favorites... the heavy pork, potatoes and beer just doesn't do it for us.

Our travels this year:

Top 3 Restaurants:

1. Ca's Patro March. Mallorca, Spain:  This one was so special it got its own blog post. Unbelievable views of the ocean with freshly caught seafood? That's what makes it #1 on our list. 

2. Grand Hotel Pupp. Karlovy Vary, CZ: One of the most decadent and delicious restaurants we've ever been to.  They bring out your food literally on a silver platter while wearing white gloves. We had a bottle of wine, an appetizer, two amazing meals, dessert and a glass of port wine and becherovka. This should have easily been a 300 euro dinner for the quality of service and food, but because the Czech Republic is such an affordable country, it was 132 euros total.  (oh and did I mention, this was the restaurant that they filmed James Bond and his leading lady in Casino Royale?)

3. Bouillon Chartier. Paris, France: Actually, I would say ANY brasserie in Paris is always on my list. You can never go wrong as long as you order: Steak Tartare, Escargot, French Bread, Steak Frites, red wine and the list goes on and on.  Blog Post.

Honorable mention:

Nicolas Taverna. Mykonos, Greece: Technically we visited this restaurant on our honeymoon so its not part of the official "1 year in review" list, but it was so good it wouldn't be fair if I didn't mention it. Similar to Ca's Patro March with the unbelievably fresh seafood, but at this restaurant you sit with your feet in the sand watching the waves crash in front of you. 

Other favorites: 

Best Burgers: Kuhmuhne Burger, Nuremberg Germany: Get the Fat Trucker Burger with sweet potato fries, trust me. 

French food in Berlin: Ganymed, Berlin Germany: Romantic restaurant with great escargot and oysters.

Best Brunch: Cafe Tomaselli, Salzburg Austria: Sit upstairs on the outdoor deck, and make sure to order the "Schinken und Eiern" aka ham and eggs. 

Most Expensive: Essigbraetlein, Nuremberg Germany: 10 courses worth of gorgeous little plates at a 2 michelin starred restaurant... for an extreme amount of money. We splurged for our 1 year wedding anniversary, but I probably wouldn't go here again. 

Messy and delicious: Shashamane, Nuremberg Germany: An African restaurant where you use your hands to eat. The food was tasty and it was a fun new experience.

Top 3 Bars:

1. The Hemingway Bar. Prague, CZ: A small and hidden little bar in the center of Prague. We would have walked right past it if I didn't read about it on another blog prior to us travelling there.  By far the BEST bar we have been to yet, curated cocktails and personable mixologists made us never want to leave. One tip: make sure to get a seat at the bar so you can watch the bartenders in action.  Blog Post.

2. The Charlotte Street Hotel Bar. London, UK: As you'll start to notice, I have a thing for a great cocktail bar.  And if you get a really great bartender, they'll start to notice what types of drinks you drift towards and they'll make you something completely off the menu. It's a delicious (and dangerous) art form as you get sucked into trying 'just one more'... Blog Post.

3. The Vintage Bar. Nuremberg, Germany.  This is the closest thing to The Hemingway Bar that we have been able to find in our own neighborhood. Great cocktails, but the bar is unfortunately a bit too small. Like I said with the Hemingway Bar, the best part is watching the bartenders... and at the Vintage Bar with only 6 seats at the bar you have to get very lucky to claim a spot.


Top 3 Food Markets:

1. The Borough Market. London, UK: It was a close tie between this and Barcelonas market, but London still won in my mind. The different types of delicious prepared food in small little stalls, and the fresh food section all housed under train tracks that still run overhead... it was such a fun experience. Tip: make sure to go very hungry, and then walk home along the River Thames to burn off all of the delicious food.   Blog Post.


2. La Boqueria. Barcelona, Spain: Like I said, this came in a close tie with first. I am guessing Andrew would disagree with me and place this one over London, but i'm the one who writes this blog! ;) Equally as amazing of a selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and seafoods, but I would say the selection of prepared foods to try was not as diverse as Londons. If we were living in Barcelona (we wish!) we would be coming here every day.  Blog Post


3. Neue Heimat.  Berlin, Germany: I don't how to categorize this place... they call it a: Village Market with streetfood, live music and art. Whatever it is... I LOVED it. Maybe its because it completely caught us by surprise and I had no expectations whatsoever, but I was extremely impressed. With the amazing looking streetfood and live jazz all set in what looked like an abandoned warehouse... it is still one of my favorite places. Blog Post.

Here is to another year of amazing and delicious experiences!