SPAIN | Mallorca: Ca's Patro March, the restaurant on the sea

Ca's Patro March. Heaven. This restaurant was so unbelievable that it deserves its own blog post. This view.. with the sounds of the waves against the rocks all while eating the freshest seafood... we could have eaten here every day and I would have been perfectly happy.

Before we travel somewhere, I have been known to spend weekends obsessively stalking other travel bloggers to get ideas of what to do, where to eat, etc. I figure, I'd rather take actual peoples advice and read their experiences instead of reading "Fodors top 10 restaurants in Mallorca".   Thankfully, one of the blogs I read before we left mentioned "Ca's Patro March" which was on the west side of the island.

When we were planning our hike in the Tramuntana mountains, I mentioned "if we have time, lets stop by this restaurant I read about after the hike".  Andrew is always up for any adventure, but as we were following our GPS to get to the restaurant, the roads were getting smaller and smaller. What we didn't realize, was this restaurant was basically at the bottom of a cliff. So to drive down there, the road would wind back and forth with enough room for not even one car... but of course, it was a "two lane road". Andrew was gripping the steering wheel, and he was probably the most stressed I've ever seen.. because as we drove down the curves another car would be driving straight at us. We would each have to slow down to 5mph and barely inch by each other (all while not driving off of the cliff). I wish i had a video of this experience, but i think Andrew would have thrown my iphone out the window.

ANYWAY... after all of that stress, we finally made it to the bottom and parked the car. And then we saw the stress was worth it. We walked up to a hidden little cove where you could swim and we found the restaurant, built into the side of the mountain. 

When we arrived, we were the only ones in the restaurant and it felt like this was our own little secret hideaway... but then it quickly filled up. It was such a simple set up, rows of tables with a thatched little roof to keep the glaring sun off of us. 

For dinner we had Chipirones (fried baby octopus), which is probably the best fried baby octopus i've ever had in my life. It was so buttery on the inside with the fried crunch on the outside.. perfect. And we accompanied that with a tuna steak salad. If we were more hungry, I would have definitely ordered the Parillada de pescado y mariscos (mixed grilled seafood platter), the table next to us got it and it looked unreal.

We wished we could have stayed there all day...  honestly the only reason we left was because we didn't want to do that treacherous windy drive up in the dark. 

On the drive back we rode through this beautiful little town named Deia. We had to stop and hop out of the car to take in this gorgeous sunset. We decided, if we ever came back to Mallorca, this is where we'd stay.