Our Seaside Lunch in La Baule-Escoublac, France

We are lucky enough to have made some amazing international friends while we were working at Reebok. They had both moved to Barcelona a few years before we moved to Germany. 

When they told us their wedding would be in Le Croisic, France - and they would "understand if we couldn't make the trip", we said "yeah right! we will be there!" and made it a week long road trip through France & Spain. So this will be one of many blog posts documenting our amazing road trip back in August, 2016. 


Just before we arrived in Le Croisic, we decided to stop in a neighboring town to get some seaside lunch and to get our first glimpse of that beautiful ocean. 

French cuisine is by far my favorite... so eating it in a coastal french city, where you can get the freshest seafood? I'm in heaven. First thing we must eat in France? Steak tartare + muscles. 

We found a great little restaurant that was right on the beach called Les Fils a Maman La Baule. 

While we were waiting for the food to arrive, we'd notice everyone eating their muscles in such an odd way. They were using the shell of a muscle to pull out the next muscle they were eating. (We had always used forks to do this!).  So we were so excited to try out this new technique! And of course once I posted this video on instagram, all of my european friends said "of COURSE thats how you eat them!".

You see?? This is why we need to travel! There is so much to be learned by experiencing other cultures!

After a delicious & filling lunch we went for a stroll up and down the boardwalk to work off those baguettes. (no crossfit for us this week!) 

After our stroll, we got back in our rental car and made our way to Le Croisic to settle in our hotel. With this as a first day, we knew this would be an amazing trip.