San Sebastian, Spain: Beautiful Beaches & Learning to Skateboard


During our 2016 road trip through France & Spain Andrew and I were inspired by the surf & skate culture in Biarritz. We typically try to do whatever the locals do (surfing in Biarritz, eating Pintxos in San Sebastian), so we decided to buy some skateboards and Andrew tried his best to teach me!



We found a quiet little bike path along the water and decided this would be a good spot for me to embarrass myself. 

I was always very thankful for the fact that Andrew was extremely patient. (I tested this a few times crying in the Austrian Alps while I was learning to snowboard) And today was no different. 

The first few rounds started with him literally holding my hand walking along side me. I felt like bambi on ice, why was this so difficult for me?!

But after some time (probably an hour or so), I was able to very slowly move on my own. (but never more than 10 feet at a time).

At one point, an old lady who was watching us from a bench started clapping because I finally got it on my own. She was probably thinking "I could have learned faster than her!"

We made our way to another gorgeous little spot along the ocean. They were setting up for a concert later that night which meant we had an empty parking lot to ourselves. This also meant Andrew could try some of his old 'tricks' (my aspiration). 


What is the best way to reward yourself after learning something new??

A pitcher of Sangria on the beach. In fact, I think we ended up having two pitchers of Sangria that night. (hey! we deserved it!) 




There are two main beaches in San Sebastian (both will be equally as busy). 

Plage de Zurriola.

This one has a bit more waves, which means you can find some surf lessons at this beach. The days we were there there were practically no waves. (maybe its because we just came from Biarritz and I was spoiled by the waves). But this is also the beach where we found our delicious Sangria bar, so I highly recommend it!


La Playa de la Concha

The biggest and most central beach. "Concha" means shell, and this is due to the shell shaped bay. 

Its been recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain, with a gorgeous view of Santa Clara island in the center of the 'shell'. But due to this fame, it can also be VERY busy.