Surprising our Family with our Baby Announcement & Gender Reveal | Holidays 2017


I cannot believe it - June is already HERE! It feels like just yesterday Andrew and I found out I was pregnant. And now we are just 2 days away from the "due date" (although I know its more likely we will have her on any day BUT that date). 

It has been quite an interesting 9 months, going through the process of being pregnant in Germany. (for more on that, see my blog post here). But I will admit, the past 6 weeks of being off of work (and fully paid) have been wonderful! (thank you Germany!). 

The most difficult thing about being pregnant in Germany (other than the fact that there is NO AIR CONDITIONING... seriously, anywhere) is being away from our friends and family during such an exciting time in our lives. Luckily, we still got to share some amazing moments with them while we were home this past Christmas. 

Our Surprise Baby Announcement to our Family on Christmas Morning

Ever since we found out we were pregnant we were SO excited to tell our families, but doing it over Facetime just didn't do it justice. We wanted to see their faces & feel their hugs and excitement when we told them. So we decided to wait until we were home for Christmas to tell them. I would be about 16 weeks, so it was perfect timing.

We had thought of SO many fun & different ways to surprise them, but we finally settled on this video.  Back track a bit to August 2017 - our family rented a beachfront house on Cape Cod for the week (ending with our cousins wedding). Andrew and I flew home from Germany so we could experience this with them. It was SUCH a fun week, so I made this video to recap all the great times. But then... we added in a little surprise at the end! 

Here is a compilation of the actual video, with my families reactions (apologies for the sound quality switching back and forth!)


Studying and practicing !

Getting ready for our own little one with our adorable little niece!

The New Years Eve Gender Reveal (with one big mistake!)


Like I said, we wanted to experience as much of the exciting pregnancy moments with my family as possible so we decided to do a little "Gender Reveal" on New Years Eve. (fun fact - my sister did the exact same thing last new years eve, and our little ones will be almost exactly a year apart!)

My brother & sister in law were wonderful enough to host us. And of course, although we told my mom all we wanted to do was a small little cake to reveal, she naturally had to bring out some super cute decorations.  You'll notice we kept writing Junge oder Mädchen (which means "Boy or Girl" in German) but my brother thought we were NAMING our baby that! At one point he was like "we are going to need to talk about these baby names..."

Before cutting the cake a revealing the colored icing, we had everyone pick a cupcake based on their guesses, boy or girl?! We even facetimed Andrews mom & boyfriend in Massachussetts & Andrews sister in Florida to watch!


Everyone was so happy and excited for us! Especially the young boys who were excited to get a new little boy cousin to play with. 



Well thats what the 'note' from the doctors said! "XY" = Boy. But little did we know... only a few weeks later when we were back in Germany we went in for the more detailed scan. And at the end the doctor says...

"yep, so you have a healthy baby girl!"

... and we just replied "you mean boy?" (thinking maybe he just slipped in translation from German...) Here is the video from our reaction right after we found out! The doctor was so funny about it "I think next pregnancy.. maybe it will be a boy.. but not this time" 


And here we are... only days away from meeting our amazing little GIRL. Andrew and I are so excited to meet her! These past 9 months have luckily been quite an easy pregnancy. (Fingers crossed the delivery & the baby herself will be just as easy! :) ) We'll see!