Charlottes DIY Newborn Photoshoot


When Charlotte was only 5 days old I attempted to do my own simple little DIY photoshoot. I always wanted the super cute photos of Charlotte when she was a tiny little newborn, but I also didn't want to have to pay someone to come in and do this for us. (also, i'll admit, I didn't even know how to find one here in Germany!)


After researching and, now, personal experience - here are some helpful tips for a DIY newborn photoshoot:

  • Do the photo shoot ideally before they are 10 days old, this is when they are the most sleepy.

  • Find which area of your home has the best natural lighting

  • Keep the room warm as she will be almost naked most of the time. If doing this in the winter, a space heater would be great!

  • Wait until your baby is in a deep sleep, as that makes it easy to 'pose' them. And typically babies are in the best mood in the morning. 

  • Have a white noise machine (aka your iphone with white noise playing on spotify) to keep them super sleepy.

  • Be sure your baby is fed & changed. But there will be some mishaps! I will admit, she poo'd on one of the blankets!! (does this happen to professional photographers?!)

  • Know EXACTLY what types of pictures you want. I literally went on pinterest and found the exact ones that I wanted to copy so it could be done as quickly as possible. (be sure to capture their cute little features - fingers, toes, etc)

  • Have all of the supplies & props 100% set up & ready to go because you may have a small window of time to capture what you want. 

  • Just keep snapping pictures! At this point you can't make them smile or do ANYTHING. So if you're lucky, you may capture a cute little grin while they're stretching. 

  • Have realistic expectations... I know I'm not a professional photographer, so I didn't expect them to be perfect / everything to go smoothly. This is also why I didn't do any extravagant props, it would have been more of a hassle than anything!


Charlottes DIY Newborn Photoshoot


My Grandmother, Charlottes Great-Grandmother, knit this blanket for me when I was a newborn. And now we've passed it along to Charlotte. 


My friend & coworker knit these for Charlotte! Our little adidas expat baby. 


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